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Who builds the most reliable washers available in The USA today?

A few years ago, everybody knew which washer brands could be trusted.

But things have changed. Most washer brands have been taken over by just a handful of
multi-national companies. The washer brands we used to know don't actually exist anymore.
They're just a famous badge on a cheaply-made, unreliable washer.

Washer factories in the USA and Europe have closed, and production has been switched to
China and other far-eastern countries. This is
Good for the company's profit-margins but
bad for the QUALITY and RELIABILITY of their products.

Far too many washers these days are badly made and unreliable.
Don't be fooled by bright lights and promises! These companies are great at advertising
and marketing, but far too many of them are not so good at making reliable washers!    

Luckily, there are some companies where QUALITY still matters.

If you want a RELIABLE washer we recommend the following brands.

miele    bosch    frigidaire    siemens    electrolux

samsung    lg     whirlpool    smeg    kenmore

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Our advice is totally independent -
None of these companies has paid to appear on our site.

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The Top Ten Most Reliable Washer Brands USA
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