Top ten most reliable washers. How reliable are Frigidaire washers and washing machines?
Frigidaire was one of the great Amarican appliance manufacturers.

These days Frigidaire is part of the AB Electrolux group.
Electrolux is an appliance manufacturer, based in Stockholm, Sweden.
It is the world's second-largest appliance maker.

Electrolux is one of the few companies to still build their products in the USA - including Frigidaire products.

All Electrolux companies make stylish, reliable and superbly designed washers, and that include Frigidaire.

Excellent use of technology, intelligent design, and quality engineering, set thier washers apart from other manufacturers.
No brand is easier to live with than an Electrolux - they are just SO user-friendly!

Our Washing Machine Repair Guy says...
These machines are a class-act. Their design features are amazing - and their owners love them.
Electrolux, and Frigidaire washers inspire more brand-loyalty than any other brands on today's market.
Once people have owned an Electrolux or a Frigidaire washer they very rarely want anything else!
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