How reliable are Bosch Washing Machines?

In 2014 Bosch merged with Siemens to form BSH, the largest domestic appliance manufacturer in Europe.
Both companies already had the highest reputations for reliability and quality.

At the higher end of their range Bosch build excellent, reliable washing machines.
There is nothing terribly exciting about them - although they do have some hi-tech features.

Bosch make compact washers, suitable for smaller spaces, and several larger than average machines - ideal for families
with tons of washing - but check the dimensions before buying - to make sure it will fit into your space.

Mid-range Bosch machines offer probably the best value on the market.

At the lower end, Bosch use some cheaper components - to get the price down - and the jury is still out on just how reliable
these machines will be. We highly recommend the mid and high end of the Bosch range.
We are still conducting long-term research on the newer, cheaper models.

Our Washing Machine Repair Man says...
The mid and high end of the Bosch range is first-class. I would definitely have one in my own home.
The lower priced models are fitted with some "generic" non-Bosch components,
which gives me some cause for concern.

But I seriously doubt that Bosch would risk their reputation
by building anything that was unreliable.

Where to buy washing machines in the UK?

Our highest recommendation goes to  
John Lewis
They have a superb selection of top brand washing machines, their prices are extremely competitive, they offer better
guarantees than just about anybody else, customer service is second to none, their website is easy to use, their payment
system is totally secure, and the John Lewis name offers complete peace of mind.

We also highly recommend
Co-Op Electrical Shop.
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