Are LG Washers Reliable?

LG is a company that dares to be different.
With their direct-drive system LG washing machines are the quietest on the market.

And with their steam cleaning system they are also the most efficient.
As well as removing dirt - steam also removes creases, leaving you with virtually no ironing!
Styling is stunning - no other washing machine looks this good.

Reliability is above average - but not quite in the Miele or Siemens class.

Our Washing Machine Repair Man says...
LG machines are well built, and the direct drive system does away with belts and pulleys - so they should
suffer from fewer of those annoying "minor breakdowns". The jury is still out on long-term reliability, but so far
I haven't heard of any major problems. LG products are usually very dependable.

Where to buy LG washers?

Our highest recommendation goes to  John Lewis
They have a superb selection of top brand washing machines, their prices are extremely competitive, they
offer better guarantees than just about anybody else, customer service is second to none, their website is
easy to use, their payment system is totally secure, and the John Lewis name offers complete peace of mind.

We also highly recommend
Co-Op Electrical Shop

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