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Top Ten 10 Washing Machines
Washing machines are a lot like men!
The best looking ones are often the
least reliable! Don't be fooled by bright
lights and promises - choose wisely!

Top 10 Washing Machines
American Fridge Freezers
Choose wisely - some of these things
can be a nightmare to own!
Reliable Dishwashers
Some brands should come with a pair
of rubber gloves - to use when the
machine breaks down! Reliability is
crucial. Choose the right brand.
Fridges and Freezers
Which brands are most reliable?
Which companies build the most reliable washing machines, or fridges, or dishwashers?
Where can you buy a QUALITY sofa or sofa-bed? Who makes the best range-cookers, or ovens or hobs?
Which companies build the best fitness equipment - and where can you buy it?
Is customer service a thing of the past, or are some companies still providing it?
The Top Ten Site is a totally independent consumer information site.
We test, investigate, and review products and services for QUALITY, RELIABILITY, and VALUE FOR MONEY.
We are NOT a price comparison site. We are a QUALITY comparison site.
Health & Fitness Reviews
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Small Appliances
Top Ten Food Mixers
Top Ten Coffee Machines
Small Appliances Index
Top 10 Exercise Bikes
Top 10 Cross-Trainers
Exercise Equipment
Which are the best? And with so
many fakes on the market, where
should you buy them?
Sports Watches

Where To Buy Right Now
The lockdown and the
closure of gyms has led to a
massive increase in the sale
of exercise machines. Most
outlets have sold out, but we
found a few online stores
who still have stock.
Sports Watches
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The perfect holiday solution for seniors

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Top Ten UK Staycations
Lockdowns are being eased and travel restrictions are being lifted.
But the virus is definitely NOT taking a holiday.
It's still out there waiting to pounce.
The safest holiday option is a staycation here in Britain.
We'll tell you why, how, and where.

Covid Safe Breaks For Adults Only