Top Ten Elliptical Cross Trainers
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Cross-trainer vs exercise bike vs treadmill - which exercise machine should you buy?
For all round fitness - if you can only have one exercise machine - it should be an elliptical cross trainer.
Cross trainers provide exercise for an estimated 80% of our muscles - far more than an exercise bike or a treadmill.
Cross trainers are also low impact machines - so they cause less knee and ankle damage than running on a treadmill.
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Best Places to Buy Elliptical Cross-Trainers Online?  Links disabled due to shortage of stock.
Top Ten Elliptical Cross-Trainers
The cross trainers listed below are the best on the market - but good luck finding one right now!
The lockdown and the closure of gyms has led to a massive increase in sales of home exercise machines.
We check regularly with just about every reliable outlet in the country - but nobody has any stock.

Feel free to read our reviews, and maybe plan to buy one of these machines sometime in the future.

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