Top 10 Ten Built-In Electric Ovens
Many famous and dependable brands no longer exist. The badges live on, but the actual companies are long gone.
They have been bought out by multi-nationals, production has shifted to the far east, and standards have plummeted.

The best way to discover which appliances are still reliable and user-friendly is to ask the people who own them - long term.
It's no use reading the five star reviews left by customers on various outlet-sites.
Those reviews can tell us how fast the product arrived, and how good it looks in its new home. But they say nothing about long-term reliability.

The Top Ten Site asked thousands of long-term owners about their
electric ovens - this is what we found.

The most reliable and user-friendly electric ovens are made by the following companies.   
In our opinion the best place to buy kitchen appliances is John Lewis. They have an excellent selection of the best brands, their website is easy to
navigate, their payment system is totally secure, their customer service is second to none. And the John Lewis name provides total peace of mind.

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We would strongly advise you to stick to the brands in our top ten. And we especially advise you to avoid the following brands...

Hotpoint, Indesit, Hoover, and Belling. These brands figured the worst in our long-term customer satisfaction surveys.
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