Top Ten 10 Most Reliable
American Fridge-Freezer Brands
A RELIABLE American Fridge-Freezer is a fabulous item to have in your home. An UNRELIABLE American Fridge-Freezer is a nightmare!

They say that you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket but if you buy an American fridge freezer you will be putting a lot more than
just eggs in it. And if it breaks down, you could have a very expensive disaster on your hands.

Your insurance company may cover the cost of all that ruined food - once or maybe twice.
But if your appliance breaks down five or six times in a single year - the insurers won't pay out.

It is absolutely essential that you choose a reliable brand.

The brands listed below are the ONLY brands that we would trust.
Click on the links below to read our reviews. None of these companies has paid to appear on The Top Ten Site.
Where to buy American Fridge Freezers?
Our highest recommendation goes to  John Lewis
We also highly recommend the Co-Operative Electrical Shop  
They offer better guarantees than just about any other outlet. Their website is easy to use. Their payment system is totally secure.
And the John Lewis name provides total peace of mind.
WARNING: Avoid the Following American Fridge Freezers...

Many of these brands were once top companies - with solid reputations. But sadly, that is no longer the case.

(in Europe), Baumatic, Beko, GE, Hotpoint, Indesit, Admiral, Amana, and Maytag.

These brands are notoriously unreliable! No matter what the salesmen tell you... Avoid them at all costs!