Where NOT to Buy A "Quality" Sofa
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Two of the biggest sofa outlets in the UK are DFS and Sofology.
They are owned by the same company.
They both claim to sell quality products.
But we seriously recommend that you avoid them.
Why You Should Avoid DFS
DFS is a British based company. They sell more sofas in the UK than anybody else.
Their marketing and their salesmanship are slick and convincing.
But you don't need to look far on the Internet, or on social media, to discover that they don't live up to their promises.
If you look, and you should, you will find countless complaints from angry customers.
These complaints include hidden extras that their sales staff are under extreme pressure to sell.

Question: Why should you have to pay extra for an "upgrade" to the padding in your new DFS sofa?
Answer: Because their standard padding is, according to the complaints, absolutely useless.

You'll find countless other complaints about the poor quality materials used in DFS products, including:-
Fabric that becomes threadbare far too quickly, frames that buckle and break, leather that sags and loses its colour.
Plus expensive insurance that doesn't pay out, and almost zero customer service when there is a problem.

Why You Should Avoid Sofology
Sofology originally made their sofas in Britain. But they have now ceased their British production,
claiming that they can "source better value sofas in Eastern Europe and the Far East".
It doesn't inspire much confidence in a product when you know that it has been sourced "on the cheap".
Sofology are experts at the power sales pitch, but far too often their promises are empty.  
Don't be fooled by their expensive advertising campaigns, their sales rhetoric, and their "customer" reviews.
If you look beneath the surface (as we always do) you will find hundreds of dissatisfied, disgruntled and angry customers.
Where To Buy A genuine QUALITY Hand-Crafted British-Made Sofa?

Our highest recommendation goes to Darlings Of Chelsea. Their reputation has been built on the quality of their products,
their very reasonable pricing, and the excellence of their customer service.

We also recommend
DesignerSofas4U for their superb selection of craftsman-built British Chesterfield sofas.

We also really like
Sofas And Stuff for the quality of their handmade British fabric sofas