Trusted Washing Machine Outlets - UK
The coronavirus pandemic is having a huge effect on the online shopping market.

Some outlets are seriously overcharging for their products. We don't like that!

Others are making false promises regarding stock, and about delivery times.

Also, far too many outlets, even some of our biggest names, have all but abandoned
customer service. Their websites may have contact details, phone numbers, email etc, but
in many cases the service is either drastically reduced or totally non existent. So if you
have a problem with your purchase, it can be impossible to do anything about it.

And then there are the scams - fake online companies selling non-existent products.

So The Top Ten Site has been gathering information about who you can trust.

The outlets listed below are the best we know of right now. If we hear about others we will
thoroughly check them out and add them to our list. We are constantly checking, and if
any of our trusted outlets starts raising prices, failing to deliver on time, or abandoning
customer service - we will remove them.

All of our review pages contain links to specific washing machine brand pages of outlets
that we know and trust. Or you can click the links below if you just want to browse.
We highly recommend John Lewis
They have a superb selection of top brand washing machines, their prices are extremely
competitive, they offer better guarantees than just about anybody else, customer service
is second to none, their payment system is totally secure, they keep their promises
regarding delivery times, and the John Lewis name offers complete peace of mind.
We also recommend Currys
They have an excellent choice of top brand washing machines at very good prices. Currys
also have a lot of good offers available right now, and they are very reliable regarding fast
delivery times. On the down side, if something does go wrong, customer service is not
that good right now.
Another company that we seriously like is
They have a great choice of top brand washing machines. Prices are excellent. Delivery is
probably the fastest and most reliable we have seen during the pandemic.
Communications are superb, they keep you updated throughout the process, including
texts and phone calls from the delivery driver, telling you exactly when he will arrive.
We Also quite like Appliances Direct
They have a good selection of top brand washing machines. Prices are low as anybody on
the market. Delivery is usually very fast for washing machines, but for some other small
appliances we have cancelled orders because they changed the agreed delivery day - by
more than a week in one case. Customer service is good, however, they apologised for
the problem and they refunded our money very quickly.