The Top Ten 10 Must Visit Cities In America - San Diego
Top Ten Must Visit Cities In The USA.
San Diego
San Diego is one of America's fastest growing cities. There's excitement here! A buzz!

Each year the number of visitors to San Diego grows and grows. The climate, the beaches, the
city itself, and the countless attractions in the area, make San Diego the perfect choice for a
vacation. Our Top Ten guide will bring you the best of San Diego, but we will only be scratching
the surface. To fully appreciate this city, you have to come here and see it for yourselves.
The Top Ten Things To Do In San Diego
Sea World San Diego
A series of exciting and highly entertaining shows makes Sea World a must visit for
families. As well as the shows, you can also get to see many sea creatures up close
and personal. Sea World also has some rides and water-based play areas for kids.
And every day ends with a firework display. Be prepared to wait for the rides during the
peak season, and take plenty of sun-block - it gets hot here, and most of the shows
are in the open, so there is not a lot of shade. If you're fair-skinned - bring a sun-hat!
Life-size people, animals, vehicles, famous buildings, etc, all made from lego-blocks.
Lots of rides, and other entertainment for younger children. This whole theme park is
dedicated to tiny tots, with age limits to keep the bigger kids off the rides. Adults like
this place for the nostalgia, but teenagers might find it boring! There is a Sea-Life
Center next-door, and maybe the older kids would be happier if you left them there!
San Diego Zoo
One of the world's highest rated zoos, San Diego Zoo is a must visit for families. With
more than 4000 rare and endangered animal species to see, all in excellent natural
habitats, this is the zoo of the future, conserving and protecting wildlife rather than just
displaying it in cages. The zoo also has a fabulous collection of exotic plants, and the
place is big enough to accommodate its many visitors without ever getting crowded.
The zoo is also easy to get to, close to the city, with good transport links and parking.
The Beaches
San Diego is blessed with a great choice of beaches, something for everyone, from
clothing optional at Black's Beach, to Coronado Beach which is close to downtown
and is perfect for families with young children. There are surfing beaches for dudes of
all standards, beaches with tide-pools, beaches for people watching, and beaches for
quiet romantic strolls. Whatever your taste, you'll find a beach to suit you in San Diego.
Balboa Park
Balboa Park is a the jewel in San Diego's crown.  Set in 1200 acres, it is the biggest
urban park in America, and includes fifteen museums, fascinating themed gardens,
stunning landscapes, restaurants, performing arts, and the San Diego Zoo. Entrance
to the park is free, but the museums, zoo etc charge a fee. You can save money by
buying a pass that includes entrance to several attractions. It takes more than a day to
see and experience the entire park, but time here is time well spent!
Mission Bay Park
The largest water-park in the world, Mission Bay includes 4,200 acres and 27 miles of
shoreline. A network of waterways connects various inlets and islets, making Mission
Bay a paradise for water lovers. Here you can surf, kayak, swim, jet-ski, scuba-dive,
and sail. You can also cycle, walk, or skate along the miles of paths and boardwalks
here. You can also enjoy a moonlight cruise on a Mississippi-style riverboat, and ride
on a fabulous roller-coaster.
Old Town San Diego
Sometimes referred to as the birthplace of California, Old Town has a nice, historic
feel, with 17 museums and places of historic interest. It also has some great
shopping boutiques, restaurants, galleries and theaters. Mexican food is a specialty
here, you can dine to the sound of Mariachi bands! Old Town is also a great place to
find family-friendly and fair-priced accommodation. Old Town is also the starting point
for the excellent hop on hop off Trolley Tours of San Diego. Old Town is a MUST!
USS Midway Museum
The USS Midway was America's the longest-serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century.
These days it serves as a fascinating museum experience for all the family. This ship
is huge! It had a crew of 4500 people, like a floating town. It has a four-acre flight deck!
And it is a must visit, if just for the wow factor. Admission includes access to over 60
on board locations, you can sit in the aircraft and helicopters, ride in a flight-simulator,
and get a pretty good idea about life on one of America's greatest war ships.
Downtown San Diego
San Diego's downtown districts offer a great choice of accommodations, activities,
shopping, dining and cultural attractions, all within easy reach on foot or by trolley.
You'll find a fascinating mix of modern and historic buildings. Highlights are The
Children's Museum, and the historic Gaslamp District. Downtown is also home to a
wealth of  trendy nightclubs, incredible rooftop bars and fine restaurants. The western
edge of Downtown is home to the waterfront Embarcadero district, with boardwalks,
Seaport Village, and the harbor, from where you can enjoy a choice of boat trips.
La Jolla
Stunning coastal scenery, superb beaches, and an upscale atmosphere, make La
Jolla one of California's most popular destinations. Here you'll find the world famous
Torrey Pines Golf course, the fabulous Birch Aquarium at Scripps, some fine dining
and shopping in the village, and the excellent Museum Of Contemporary Art. La Jolla
is not a budget resort, so if your funds are limited, treat it as an interesting day trip
from Downtown San Diego. But if you're loaded, this is the place to stay and play.
Safety Warnings
Like every big city in the world, San Diego has its dangers. It's easy, as you wander around the tourist areas, during the day, to get lulled into a false sense of security.

San Diego is a beautiful city, with so many quaint, pretty, and interesting aspects, it's easy to think of it as one big theme-park.
But it's not a theme-park, it's a real city with real people and real dangers. There are many homeless people here, there are street gangs, and there is drug activity.

These dangers are not obvious in the tourist areas by day, but things are very different at night.
You should take every sensible precaution if you go out at night. Don't venture away from the brightly-lit, crowded areas. Don't walk anywhere unless you have to - take a cab!
Always be aware of your surroundings, and of who is watching you. Never allow yourself to be isolated. Stay where the people and the bright lights are.
Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, Barrio Logan, Normal Heights, City Heights, are places where you definitely shouldn't walk at night. But exercise caution everywhere at night.

Don't Cross The Border Into Mexico!
A lot of visitors to San Diego are tempted to cross the border, to take a look at Mexico. Our advice is DON'T DO IT!
Tijuana, and nearby cities, are dangerous places for Americans and other foreign tourists. Criminals abound here, and if they think you have money, they will target you.
Crime against tourists is big business, theft, robbery, kidnapping, carjacking, purse-snatching, all of these things, and worse, happen to Americans every day in Tijuana.
In our view, it's simply not worth the risk.