The Top Ten 10 Must Visit Cities In America - New York
Top Ten Must Visit Cities In The USA.
New York
It's The Big Apple!    It's The City That Never Sleeps!    It's So Good, They Named It Twice!

We've all seen it from every possible angle in a million movies and TV series.
But, trust me, actually being here is way, way better than seeing it on the screen.

New York has a pulse, you can feel it all over the city -
and it's that pulse that makes New York special.
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The Top Ten Things To Do In New York City
Times Square
The Crossroads of The World. Times Square is where New York's pulse is strongest.
Enjoy the neon lights, the billboards, the theaters of Broadway. And the buzz.
Restaurant Row, on 46th Street between Broadway and 9th Avenue, is a fabulous
place to eat and drink, with food choices from every corner of the world available within
a single city block. There is also great food to be had in the pedestrian-only areas,
places to sit, eat, and people-watch.
Times Square is also fabulous for kids.
Central Park
In the movies, and TV series, Central Park is littered with murder victims! But in real
life, Central Park is a joy. There is an almost endless list of things to see and do in the
park, but these are our favorites:-) Central Park Zoo; Friedsam Memorial Carousel;
Wollman Ice-Rink and Victorian Gardens; Strawberry Fields/John Lennon Memorial;
Bethesda Fountain; Loeb Boathouse; Belvedere Castle; Dana Discovery Center.
You could spend your entire vacation in Central Park, and never be bored!
The Empire State Building
Yet another movie icon (who didn't cry when they killed King Kong!)
The Empire State Building is a fantastic place to see breathtaking views of New York
and the surrounding area - on a good day you can see 80 miles! And at night the
views of the city-lights are truly spectacular (The Observatory at the top is open until
two in the morning). No visit to New York is complete without seeing these views.
Visit two of the finest museums on the planet.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
is the best art museum in the world, with around  
two million works of art covering a period of 5,000 years.
The New York Museum of Natural History is incredible, amazing! And it is huge!
You can't really expect to completely see either of these museums in a single day, so
it's best to look on their websites and choose the exhibits you'd like to see the most.
Also, buy a City Pass, or choose days when entry is free or "pay what you like".
The Bronx Zoo
Run by the same people as The Central Park Zoo, but way bigger,  the world famous
Bronx Zoo is home to more over 6,000 animals, and it covers an area of 265 acres.
The zoo attempts to re-create the natural habitats of the animals that live there. But
this is far more than just a great collection of animals. There is a Dinosaur Safari, a
butterfly house and garden, a 4D theatre, and a hands-on craft area by Animal Planet.
Admission is $30 for adults and $20 for kids - cheaper if you have a City Pass.
The New York Botanical Garden
Located next to the Bronx Zoo, The New York Botanical Garden houses over a million
plants in an area of 250 acres. Like most New York attractions, there is more going on
here than first meets the eye. As well as the gorgeous gardens, there are educational
programs for adults and children. If gardens, plants and nature interest you, you'll
have a great time here. Make sure you take the tram tour!
Walk Across The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge was the world's longest suspension bridge when it was built in
1883. Obviously, it no longer holds that record, but it is still a great icon of New York.
These days, the bridge is the focus of one of New York's most scenic walks. Take the
subway to the lovely neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, and then walk back across the
East River toward Lower Manhattan. Take a camera, or you'll regret the fact that you
have missed countless photo-opportunities, especially of New York Harbor,  
Ride the Staten Island Ferry
The crossing from Lower Manhattan to Staten Island takes half an hour, and it is free.
The views from the ferry are both fabulous and iconic - the New York you see in the
movies. Nowhere offers you better photo opportunities than this free ferry trip.
And when you get to Staten Island, pay a visit to the fascinating Staten Island Museum
for $5.00. Plus, if you get the chance, check out the amazing 1929 George Theater.
Statue Of Liberty
Probably New York's most iconic attraction, The Statue of Liberty gets far fewer visitors
these days than she should. This is partly due to changes in the rules regarding visits
to the statue's crown. You can now only visit the crown if you book in advance. You
cannot buy tickets once you are there. The statue is also only accessible by boat, and
a lot of tourists don't make the time for the trip. But you MUST visit this iconic lady!
Shop until You Drop!
Shopping in New York is awesome. There is nothing you can't buy here. There are
millions of stores to choose from, and some people, like my wife, could quite happily
spend the rest of their lives just shopping in New York. But if you're not a billionaire, be
careful! You could max out every card you have in just a few hours here, because there
are just so many wonderful things to buy. Set a budget limit, and stick to it!
And then have fun just looking as the stuff you might buy when you win the lottery!
Staying Safe In New York:-)  New York is one America's safest big cities, but you still need to be careful. Here are some tips...

*Try not to stand out as a tourist
; scam-artists and thieves target tourists, so try not to look like one! Don't wander around with a map in your hand!
*If you're lost, don't look lost! Look confident, walk like a Native New Yorker, until you can ask a cop or a store-owner for directions.
*Keep your money and other valuables hidden; Thieves and pickpockets choose easy targets, so don't be one! Keep your stuff out of sight.
*Don't carry much cash, and be careful around ATMs; Thieves love cash! When you use an ATM, be aware of who is watching you.
*Stick to the main streets; If you're walking, especially at night, stay where the bright lights and the people are. Don't get isolated.
*Stay off the subway late at night; But if you MUST use the subway at night, choose the carriages with the most people in them.
*If in doubt, take a cab; If you have any doubts or fears, especially at night, take a cab to a safer area, or to your hotel door.
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Top Ten Sit Tip:-) Consider buying a New York City Pass to save money on New York Attractions