The Top Ten 10 Must Visit Cities In America - Las Vegas
Top Ten Must Visit Cities In The USA.
Las Vegas
Las Vegas calls itself "The Entertainment Capital Of The World."  Others call it "Sin City!"
If you love excitement, gambling, shopping, dining, and great nightlife - this is the place!

But Vegas is not just about gambling and nightlife. It is also a great base for exploring some of
America's finest scenic attractions, including The Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, Death Valley, The
Hoover Dam, The Valley of Fire, and Red Rock Canyon. Vegas can be expensive, but there are
tons of free stuff and very cheap attractions if you know where to look. Welcome to Las Vegas!  
The Top Ten Things To Do In Las Vegas
Stay In A Casino Hotel
Vegas exists because of the casinos. These days the best places to stay and play are
the casino hotels. The competition between them is immense, and that means they
all do everything they can to ensure that their guests are more than just happy. Most of
the best shows, swimming pools, restaurants, clubs, attractions, rides, and even
shopping is to be found in the casino hotels. Even if you have no plans to gamble,
these hotels are still far and away the best places to stay and play!
Take In A Spectacular Show
Las Vegas is home to some of the most spectacular shows on the planet! Originally,
the casinos in Vegas arranged shows to attract people into the gambling venues, but
these days the shows are a major Vegas feature in their own right. Some of the best
known current shows are Cirque du Soleil, which is currently performing 8 different
shows, Divas Las Vegas With Frank Moreno, Absinthe, Penn & Teller Theater, Vegas
The Show! But there are dozens of others that are well worth checking out!
Take a Look At The Hoover Dam
One of mankind's greatest engineering achievements, The Hoover Dam is also one
of the most popular trips from Las Vegas. It's real close to the city, and there are
several ways you can visit it - jeep tours, helicopter rides, airplane tours. Once
there, you can enjoy guided tours, and even boat trips on fabulous Lake Mead.
Visit The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is one of the top ten natural wonders of the world
There a dozens of trips available from Vegas, so shop around for the ones that suit
you best. The most popular trips are the helicopter rides from Vegas to the Canyon.
But you can also take, airplane tours and jeep tours, rafting, horseback riding, ATV
tours and various hiking and boat trips.
Visit The Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire is the oldest state park in Nevada. It covers an area of 42,000 acres and
lies to the northeast of Las Vegas. The scenery here is almost too spectacular to
describe. The red sandstone rock formations here appear to be on fire when the sun
shines on them. There are several trips available from Vegas to The Valley.
The Fremont Street Experience
The Fremont Street Experience, downtown, is awesome! Covering four blocks, it is a
fascinating mix of shows, shopping, and attractions. Don't miss the Viva Vision light
show beneath a canopy the size of 5 football fields! This place is also home to some
of the best live music concerts in Vegas (And they are all free!) Dance, drink, and party
the night away here! The experience never ends, this place is open 24/7.
Las Vegas Rides & Amusements
Vegas has some totally terrifying rides (some people call them thrilling!) and if you
have nerves of steel, or you're totally insane, you should definitely check out The
Stratosphere Tower, where you'll find four of the scariest rides, X-Scream,
Skyjump, Insanity, and Big-Shot.
Check Out The Free Stuff!
Las Vegas probably has more free attractions than any city in America. The casinos
and their hotels are frantic to attract people, and they provide a ton of free things to see
and do, just to have you around. Some of the best are: The Bellagio Conservatory and
Fountains; New York New Hotel & Casino; Luxor Hotel (At night); Citycenter; The Paris
Hotel; the many attractions in and around Caesars Palace; and the fabulous Venetian.
Las Vegas Shopping
Retail therapy here can be truly spectacular! Most of the best shopping is to be found
in and around the casinos, and it's more than just a bunch of stores. Shop amid some
utterly fabulous and spectacular surroundings. For example, The Venetian Hotel is a
version of Venice, complete with gondolas and canals, and the shopping here is
fabulous. But check out all of the casino shopping malls.
Vegas Nightlife
Vegas is famous for its nightlife. From sophisticated venues to downright crazy clubs.
All of the big hotels and casinos offer fabulous night life options. If you can afford to
pay for a table-reservation, you don't have to queue. But if not, get there early, dress
right, and stand in line. Girls get in a lot easier than guys, they can usually jump the
queue! Groups of guys can wait forever to get in, so try to meet some girls before you
join the queue! If you are a guest at the hotel, you get to join a shorter queue.
Safety Warnings
The general advice for staying safe in any big city is pretty much the same.

Vegas can seem like a theme-park for adults - but it is not! This is the real world, and it can be dangerous!
There are many desperate people around Vegas, homeless people, street criminals, and drug activity.
In addition Vegas actively encourages people to drink - they gamble more willingly after a few beers etc.

You should take every sensible precaution if you go out at night.
Don't venture away from the brightly-lit, crowded areas. Don't walk anywhere unless you have to - take a cab!
Always be aware of your surroundings, and of who is watching you.
Never allow yourself to be isolated. Stay where the people and the bright lights are.

Don't cross the road except at designated crossways!
A lot of pedestrians are killed or injured in Vegas. It is against the law to cross the road except on designated crossways.
Image Las Vegas 89 by Lasvegaslover - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Top Ten Must Visit Cities In The USA.
Las Vegas