Top Ten Reasons To Eat Chocolate.
Chocolate Is Good For You!
Chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease.
Chocolate is high in fat, but the type of fat contained in cocoa beans
does not raise cholesterol levels like other saturated fats.

Plus, cocoa beans contain antioxidants that improve vascular health.

Research at Cambridge University found that regular dark chocolate
eaters had a 37% lower risk of heart disease.
Chocolate sharpens your mind.
Several studies around the world have shown that flavanols found in
dark chocolate help increase blood flow in the brain.

Students cramming for exams perform better when they eat regular
amounts of dark chocolate.

Plus, older people who performed poorly in memory and thinking tests
improved significantly better on a diet that included dark chocolate.
Chocolate could reduce the risk of strokes.
A Swedish study found that eating more than 45 grams of chocolate
per week led to a 20 percent decrease in stroke risk among women.

Another study by Cambridge University arrived at a similar conclusion.
They found that consuming 63 grams of dark chocolate a week led to a
29% reduction in the risk of strokes.
Chocolate can reduce your risk of cancer
According to Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown
University, chocolate contains a compound that inhibits cancer cells
ability to grow and spread.

Plus, a Spanish study (on rodents) concluded that a high intake of
cocoa protected against the development of colon cancer.
Chocolate could reduce chronic fatigue
A study of chronic fatigue patients at Hull York Medical School, found
that sufferers given 45g of genuine 85% cocoa chocolate per day had
less fatigue, anxiety and depression than those given a placebo
chocolate that looked the same but did not contain the high cocoa level.

Research into this is continuing.
Chocolate can reduce PMS
Chocolate contains magnesium, the best medicine for reducing the
debilitating cramps that plague so many women. Chocolate also
improves blood-flow, and increased blood flow also reduces cramp.

Plus, chocolate contains several mood-enhancing compounds that
can improve your state of mind - making you easier to live with!
Chocolate could help you live longer
Jeanne Louise Calment, the longest living person in history, reached
the incredible age of 122.

She claimed that one of the reasons for her longevity was the fact that
she ate a kilogram of dark chocolate a week.
People who knew her reported that her mind was sharp and she was
in good spirits right up to the end of her life.
Chocolate can help control sexual appetite
An Italian study concluded that women who ate chocolate had higher
sex-drives and enjoyed sex more than women who ate no chocolate.

So if your partner wants more sex - tell him to feed you more chocolate!

However, if you already have a higher sex drive than your partner - if he
just isn't up to it, you can use a chocolate binge as a substitute for sex.
Chocolate makes you happy
Cocoa contains phenylethyamine, theobromine, theophylline,
tele-methylhistamine, and Serotonin which are all mood enhancers.

So chocolate can cheer you, help beat depression, and calm you down
when you are agitated. It can also help you to focus your mind.

Plus it tastes wonderful - and just having it around makes you happy.
Chocolate is actually good for your skin
They used to say that chocolate gave you spots. But we are talking
about dark chocolate (high cocoa low sugar) and dark chocolate
definitely does not give you spots.

A German study has shown that dark chocolate actually improves the
quality of your skin - and offers a
small amount of protection against
the sun's UV rays. But don't abandon the sunscreen.
Women have known it for eons!
Chocolate is not a luxury - it's a necessity!
The "Experts" - of course - wouldn't listen. But they are listening now.
Dozens of studies have shown that genuine high-cocoa dark chocolate is good for you.

Is cocoa the health-food of the future? Quite possibly!
The Top Ten 10 Reasons To Eat Chocolate
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Chocolate Is Good For You!
The Top Ten 10 Reasons To Eat Chocolate