Te Aupori Peninsula
From Doubtless Bay the Twin Coast Highway heads west, and then turns south.
But you didn't come this far north just to turn south again!
You came this far north to visit Te Aupori Peninsula and its four must-see destinations!

Maoris refer to Te Aupori Peninsula as "The Tail of The Fish".
It is a wild, spectacular strip of land, never more than seven miles wide.
It is flanked to the west by the Tasman Sea, and to the east by the Pacific Ocean.
It is home to four must-see destinations.
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Rarawa Beach
Cape Reinga
Ninety Mile Beach
Rarawa Beach -  dazzling white silica sand in a perfect setting, lapped by the Pacific Ocean.
Spirits Bay - a spectacular, wild place. Sacred to the Maori - so treat it with the utmost respect!
Cape Reinga - Where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean go head to head!
Cape Reinga with its lovely lighthouse marks a magnificent end to you your journey north.
It is from here that the spirits of the Maori dead begin their voyage to Hawaiki - the next world.
Ninety Mile Beach - Actually it's only 60 miles long - but pretty spectacular nonetheless!
Ninety Mile Beach is officially a highway - but not for rental cars! Your contract with the rental company will
almost certainly contain a clause banning you from driving on Ninety Mile Beach. So don't do it!
Far better to enjoy the beach on a guided bus tour, or a four wheel drive trip, or a quad-bike safari, or a horse!
Ninety Mile Beach
Ninety Mile Beach
Cape Reinga
Spirits Bay
Rarawa Beach
New Zealand - Northland - Te Aupori Peninsula
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