The Top Ten 10 HDTV Manufacturers
Vizio is an American electronics company, based in Irvine, California, USA.

The company started in 2002, and by 2007 Vizio TVs were the most popular TVs in America.

Vizio built its reputation by bringing state of the art technology to the market at bargain prices.

Their latest generation VIZIO Class Razor LED™ Smart TVs are absolutely superb!

At the moment, Vizio TVs are only available in America - so the rest of the world has to watch
and weep while US residents sit and watch their fabulous, cutting-edge, bargain TVs!

Hopefully Vizio will start selling elsewhere in the world very soon.
Best place to buy your HDTV?  

Our highest recommendation goes to
They offer a
free 5 year warranty on all HDTVs, their customer service is second to none,
their website is easy to use, and their payment service is totally secure. Highly recommended!
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