The Top Ten 10 HDTV Manufacturers
Hands up if you've never even heard of Loewe TVs?
Six months ago, my hand would have been up - along with the rest of you!
But then I stayed in a hotel in Berlin and there was a Loewe TV in my room - and what a TV!

Probably the best TV I have ever seen! Perfect picture, perfect sound, perfect everything.
So I did some research - and discovered that...

Loewe TVs are made in Germany - and are mostly sold in Germany too.
And, whether we like it or not - stuff that is made in Germany is usually top class.

Loewe TVs are Expensive but man are they good.

They are available all around the world - and are very popular in Australia.
If you can find a outlet that sells them - and you can afford the very best - buy a Loewe TV.
Best place to buy your HDTV?  

Our highest recommendation goes to
They offer a
free 5 year warranty on all HDTVs, their customer service is second to none,
their website is easy to use, and their payment service is totally secure. Highly recommended!
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