The Top Ten 10 HDTV Manufacturers
JVC is a Japanese electronics corporation based in Yokohama, Japan. Founded in 1927, the
company introduced Japan's first televisions, and created VHS - the Video Home System.

JVC has one of the world's best reputations for building top-class video recording equipment,
including camcorders and professional TV cameras.

HOWEVER - JVC do not manufacture JVC televisions!
All JVC televisions are designed and built by Orion - a Japanese electronics company with
factories in Japan, Thailand, Poland, The United Kingdom, and The United States.

Don't let this put you off - Orion build superb appliances - and they are licenced to build
appliances for several of the world's top-name companies.

It's all a tad confusing - but the bottom line is...
JVC HD Televisions are stylish, extremely high-quality, and very reliable.
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