Exercise Bikes Available Now From Amazon

Most of the top online retailers currently have very little, or no stock available.
We have connections with many of them and they are keeping us updated.

In the mean time...
If you urgently need an exercise bike, you may have to resort to Amazon.

A long and frustrating search of Amazon UK led us to the exercise bikes on this page.
We haven't tested any of these exercise bikes, so we can't recommend them.

However, they all come with money-back guarantees - backed by Amazon.
So if they fall apart after a week, at least you can get a full refund.

Click on the pictures for a better view - and the red links will take you to the sales page.

Before you part with your money, please read our warnings at the foot of this page.
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Warnings About Buying On Amazon
You can trust most Amazon sellers most of the time -  but you can't trust all of them all of the time!

Our extensive search for exercise equipment on Amazon UK has revealed some serious risks for buyers.
We strongly advise you to make the following checks before you spend your money.
1. Do a quick Google search for the Brand name of the product. A lot of exercise machines for sale on Amazon, and on
Ebay, are cheap generic machines that anyone can buy in bulk and the factory will add a cool-sounding brand name.

Below is an example...
This exercise bike is currently for sale
on Amazon UK for a whopping

It has no brand name. But after some
serious searching we found the exact
same photograph advertising the exact
same bike from a Chinese wholesaler.

The wholesale price for this bike is....
wait for it...

Between $50 and $80 each.
This is an extreme example, but we found plenty of sellers with massively over-priced exercise machines for sale.
These kind of sellers take advantage of shortages in the market, and quite legally charge whatever they like.

It's up to the buyer to do some homework before parting with his/her money.

You don't have to do what we did, and spend countless hours trolling through the Chinese wholesaler sites - we just did
that to prove a point.

All you need to do is find a brand-name and Google it. If you can't see a brand-name, or Google can't find the company
information, then it's almost certainly a generic machine from a Chinese wholesaler.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the machine is a piece of junk - it might be okay for light home use for a while.
But it should be priced below £300.

Some top quality commercial exercise bikes cost thousands of pounds - and they are worth the money.
But this is NOT one of them!