Cross Trainers - What's Available Now?

The pandemic lockdown and the closure of gyms nationwide has led to a huge increase in exercise machine sales.
We have checked with just about every reliable outlet in the country -
but none of them have any of our recommended brands in stock.

If you urgently need an elliptical cross trainer, you will have to settle for a lesser brand.
But finding ANY brand of cross trainer is difficult right now  

A long and frustrating search of Amazon led us to the cross trainers on this page.
Many Amazon sellers are offering unknown brands for ridiculous prices - so be careful!
We have eliminated (not literally, sadly) the biggest bandits, and this is what's left.
We haven't tested the machines on this page, so we can't recommend them.
But they all come with money-back guarantees - backed by Amazon.
So if they are not up to scratch, at least you can get a full refund.

Click on the pictures for a better view - and the red links will take you to the sales page
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