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Privacy And Cookie Policy

This site does not gather any information about individual visitors.

We do, however, allow Google to collect analytical data so that we know how many visits each of
our pages receives, and how long people are staying on our site etc.

Under European Law, websites are not allowed to set cookies without the prior consent of their visitors.

This site needs to use some cookies in order to function properly.

We also allow Google and our affiliate network partners to use advertising cookies on this site.

These cookies enable our advertising partners to pay us if you click on one of their ads. They do not
gather any personal information about you.

By clicking our "Accept" button you are giving your prior consent for us to use cookies.

If you don't click the "Accept" button, and continue to browse our site, you are giving your "implied" consent.

It is
important to understand that by not clicking the button, you are not switching off the cookies.

You can block some of the cookies set by Google (see below), but the only safe way to avoid all cookies
used by this site, is not to browse the site. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes you.

Unless you tell them not to, Google will set "behavioral" cookies on your computer..

They use these cookies to track your browsing habits, so that they can target their advertising to fit
with your interests.

For example, if you are a golf fan, and you regularly visit golf sites, Google will start sending golf-related
ads to your computer whenever you are browsing the Internet.

Some people find this useful, and some people find it intrusive.

We have no control over how Google sets these cookies. If you find them intrusive, you can block them.

To block those cookies, visit Google's user interface (link below). Once there, scroll down a little to the "Ad
Settings" link. This will take you to a page where you can see how Google is tracking your browsing
"behavior" and targeting their advertisements to suit your interests. On this page you can block this from
happening by switching off the button that says "Ads based on your interests."

You only need to do this once (unless you browse from different gadgets) and Google will respect your
decision for all of your future Internet browsing.

If you browse from different gadgets, you will need to do this for each gadget..

Click on the link below to learn more about how Google uses cookies, and to set your own privacy levels.

How Google uses data