Mizuno have long enjoyed a world class reputation for making the very best irons for the very best ball strikers.
They are not so famous for their game-improvement irons. But, the times they are a changing!

The Mizuno JPX 850 is absolutely fabulous - offering something for players of all levels, from beginners to pros.
For this test we looked at the standard Mizuno JPX 800 (as opposed to the JPX 800 Forged)..
We asked volunteer golfers
of all ages and all standards to take part in our test - This is what we found.

Like all Mizuno clubs, the JPX 850 is beautifully presented, and very stylish - most of our testers loved the look of it, but some of our lower
handicappers felt that the top-line, and some of the shorter irons, looked a tad on the chunky side. The lower handicap players and pros
liked the lack of offset in these irons. Game improvement irons often have too much offset, causing better players to develop unwanted
hooks and pulls. This doesn't happen with the Mizuno JPX 850, which is perhaps why it appeals to so many low handicappers and pros.

Our Verdict:
The Mizuno JPX 850 is probably the best game improvement iron on the market for mid to low handicappers.
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Mizuno JPX 850 Irons
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