St Mellion Golf & Country Club is one of Cornwall's finest golfing attractions.
There are two courses here, and a host of superb country club facilities.

The Jack Nicklaus Course is one of the best (and toughest) courses in the UK. In fact, in my opinion, it is a tad too tough!
This one can destroy you! It's long and tight - and an endless series of hazards make a low score unlikely. But no matter how high your score, you WILL appreciate the
beauty of the place! And if you do manage to post a decent score - you'll feel like a king!

The Kernow Course (formerly The Old Course) is far more playable - but not easy. It offers a series of good risk and reward choices - and spectacular views.
It is also less expensive to play and easier to book than the Nicklaus course.

On the downside...
St Mellion is a commercial enterprise. The courses and the facilities are superb - but this comes at a price.
If money is no object, this is a must visit. But for golfers on a budget, there is less expensive options to be found elsewhere in Cornwall.
picture of st mellion golf course
St Mellion Golf & Country Club
Top Ten 10 Golf Courses in Cornwall
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